Our Story

How we started

Started in 2013, Scriptum LLC was founded by the husband and wife team, Aaron and Emily. Originally named "Scriptum In Muris", Latin for "written on the walls", the business has since grown beyond vinyl decals and was shorten to "Scriptum". The business was founded on the principle that hard work, creativity and integrity can lead home businesses to achieve success even in a crowded industry. With the combined passion for art and love of technology, they have built an ever growing and diverse portfolio of designs and products that will suit any taste.

The Owners

Aaron - When not working or cleaning up after my puppy (now 4), I enjoy dabbling in various hobbies. My wife calls it hobby jumping, but it never gets boring. My interests include anything having to do with flying, firearms, and technology.

Emily - In 2015, I became full-time designer and production manager for Scriptum. My personal interests include photography, reading and writing, traveling, and food.