Labs Keycards

  • 995
  • Save $ 40,99005

You might not be able to afford them in game, but now you can get your own set that does absolutely nothing but make your battle buddy jealous.

Get a full set, valued at over $41,000 US (or 46.9 mil Roubles), for only one easy payment of $34.95.

These are high quality double-sided 30-mil professionally printed and laminated composite cards. Perfect for sticking in your wallet to show to your friends or leaving on your desk as a display piece. 

Please allow up to 5 business days for your order to ship. All orders will ship with tracking but international orders may not update after leaving the US. Listing is only for single keycard OR the full set (1 ea type - total 7). Gamma, Altyn, plant, and desk not included.

Cards have been redesigned to now include the back artwork as of 2/20/2020. Any orders placed prior to that date were one sided. If you have an old set and would like a discounted new set, please email us at

Note - this is a physical novelty item and does not function (the mag stripe is non-functioning) nor will you be receiving any in game items. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Watermark does NOT appear on actual keycards.

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